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COVID-19: A Guide to Workplace Law for Employers

A practical webinar exploring the legal matters that all employers and HR staff need to understand about their workforce including working from home, WHS, redundancies, continued payment and financial assistance.

1 hour
$79 + GST

What do all employers and HR need to know about workplace laws in a crisis?

Due to the unprecedented impacts of coronavirus, almost every business has been forced into major employee and operational transformation. As a result, there are complex and widespread legal implications for workplaces.

With an Australian workforce of around 13 million and nationwide concern for business continuity, employers face the particularly challenging question: How do I balance the needs of my business with my legal obligation to employees?

By learning the fundamentals of workplace law, you mitigate the risk to yourself, business and employees during times of crisis. Uniformed decisions are likely to leave business and staff exposed to huge legal risks and irreparable damage. In order to minimise immediate risk and safeguard future business, it is critical for employers to clearly understand their up-to-date legal responsibility to staff.

Currently assisting dozens of businesses through workplace law challenges, employment & industrial law expert Kristy Peacock-Smith shares her experience, knowledge and wisdom to address the most important and common employer concerns:

  • What are my obligations as an employer when it comes to: wellbeing, work from home, leave entitlements, and redundancy payments under (in some cases) new legislation?
  • What are the JobKeeper changes to Fair Work Act (2009) and how do they apply?
  • What do I need to do when there is a COVID-19 case in my office? What information can be disclosed about an employee's COVID-19 status?
  • When is it permissible to reduce employee hours in response to health concerns and reduced trading?
  • What cost saving measures can we legally implement, and how?
  • What government subsidies are available for employers?
  • What if an employee injures themselves while working from home?
  • Redundancies and performance reviews – how should these be executed remotely?

This webinar is essential for anyone seeking relevant information and guidance on Australian workplace law

Meeting the balance between business continuity and employee obligation is especially complex during times of unprecedented crisis – do you have the knowledge and skills to navigate these changes safely?

Time is precious and legal advice is expensive, COVID-19: A Guide to Workplace Law for Employers is an expert-backed and reliable discussion of the main concerns surrounding workplace law in the face of a crisis. Kristy Peacock-Smith has developed this webinar to help employers make astute and lawful decisions. It will be a valuable tool for all employers and HR professionals navigating employee relations in 2020 and beyond.

This is a time-friendly solution for individuals or teams with workplace law/HR responsibilities or anyone seeking the knowledge to support their business and employee interests fairly and lawfully during times of crisis including:

  • HR managers and executives
  • Business owners and sole traders
  • Team Leaders
  • Employees with workplace law responsibilities

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Kristy Peacock-Smith

Head of Employment Law and International HR Services Group partner at Bird & Bird

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Live session covering

  • The avoidable mistakes and missteps that cause irreparable damage
  • A checklist of the most important workplace laws and considerations relevant to the ramifications of the COVID-19 crisis
  • The kinds of legal changes to employment contracts, policies, Modern Awards and how that affects your business
  • The availability of Federal Government financial assistance packages
  • The correct answer for your situation: this webinar includes a live Q&A session with employment law and HR services expert Kristy Peacock-Smith

A Guide to Workplace Law for Employers

Businesses can’t afford to be ignorant to the levels of disruption to workplace law caused by a crisis - elevate your training and proficiency in matters of workplace law and be an invaluable asset to your organisation. To give businesses the best chance at survival, an employer’s decisions need to be fast, definitive and legal. Kristy Peacock-Smith will provide the most accurate information and practical legal knowledge to help employers & HR professionals navigate workplace issues in a smart, timely and lawful manner.

Module 1

Introducing employers to a dynamic work model – employee, legal, operational considerations

  • Employer obligations under (in some cases) new legislation around work from home, leave entitlements, standing down employees and redundancy payments.
  • Compliance with Work Health and Safety Act (2011)
  • Importance of establishing a clear line of managerial responsibility
Module 2

Working types and continued payment

  • Loss of cash-flow and implications for employer obligations
  • Arranging flexible work, reduced hours and using paid or unpaid leave
  • Payment obligations
  • Ending employment & communicating with employees about support available e.g. personal and carers leave entitlements, as well as government subsidies.
Module 3

Employment law agreements and financial assistance

  • Legal changes to employment contracts, policies and Modern Awards and how that affects your business
  • JobKeeper payment: affected employers, employees and sole traders
  • Overview of Commonwealth Government economic stimulus assistance packages for employers

What are the benefits of webinar learning?

Real life best practices
We use real case studies, accurate knowledge and provide attendees with the specialist advice of an experienced employment lawyer.
Optimised learning
A relevant, practical and time-friendly solution, the webinar will cover the practical concerns of a wide-variety of employers and HR professionals. The learning modules are a handy guide for attendees to use before and after the session.
Practical & personal
Our host will practically cover the laws affected by the current situation, the implications for you as an employer and provide the opportunity for you to get the correct answer for your situation.
Learn on the go
We will email the webinar recording to all registrants and attendees.
Certificate of Completion
Available in a digital format for print or download.
Legal advice
Specialist knowledge, relevant experience & case-studies, and practical advice.

Frequently Asked Questions


Does participation in the webinar give you any vocational rights?

No, we do not grant vocational rights. However, this webinar is of a training nature. The content has been developed by a specialised and experienced lawyer and aims to broaden and enrich the practical legal knowledge of participants.

What does this webinar include?

  • Access to live 1 hour webinar session
  • 15 minute live Q&A with Kristy Peacock-Smith
  • Access on mobile or desktop
  • Webinar recording
  • Certificate of Completion

Will I receive a certificate after completing the webinar?

Yes, we believe this webinar will be a valuable asset to utilise in your role and organisation. All registrants will receive a certificate supporting the knowledge acquired and initiative taken towards professional development.

What platform is the webinar hosted on?

This webinar will be hosted through GoToWebinar, a web-based audio and video platform. We would highly suggest that you use Google Chrome as your preferred browser when using GoToWebinar to avoid any issues (lag, audio, video & connection issues). For software information and tips visit:


Contact us above to register your details and we will email you once the June date is announced.

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