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Live Webinar

Building Better Immunity – staying healthy whilst staying home

An informative 2 part online course giving you all the knowledge you need to help increase the immunity of you and your children in the run up the Winter cold and flu season.

11am - 12pm AEST
Live Online Course
$59 + GST
Uniqskills have postponed this live session on 9th June. A new date will be confirmed shortly.


We are constantly exposed to viruses that can cause infections, but some people are more susceptible to them. Some viruses and infections can be dangerous for our health. They can suppress our immune system and lead to other, sometimes serious, health complications.

Do you know how to support your immune system to make it more resistant to the effects of pathogenic microorganisms? Natural therapies, nutrition, and healthy lifestyle practices can help us fight off viruses and colds, and bolster a more robust immune system.

With the majority of us now staying at home due to increased risks of catching COVID 19, and with the upcoming Winter season fast approaching, the time had never been better to embrace natural therapies. This online course will give you the tools to help strengthen your immunity and decrease your risk of catching viruses and colds and flu this winter season.

Uniqskills are proud to present a live online course delivered in two 1 hours sessions (plus Q&A) focussing on

  • Building immunity when working from home - 9th June 2020 11:00am
  • Increasing childhood immunity - 16th June 2020 11:00am

Q&A will also be available at the end of the session, with the content available for download afterwards.

During the course you will learn:

  • What mechanisms govern the immune system and why some people are more at risk of developing severe symptoms and complications
  • How to effectively strengthen and stimulate natural immunity in times when the human body is weakened and its vitality is reduced as a result of illness or poor lifestyle choices.
  • What risk factors determine the course of infections and which nutrient-based therapies should be used in the fight against viruses to increase immunity
  • Proven preventative measure, utilising a combination of herbal medicine, healthy nutrition and supplementation, that strengthen immunity
  • Why gut health is critical for a strong immune system and to ward off other diseases

Sign up for this course if you want to

  • Learn how to effectively use natural therapies to support and treat a weakened immunity
  • Gain knowledge on how herbs, dietary supplements and healthy eating can balance your immune system and fight off infections
  • Equip yourself with knowledge of safe and effective natural therapies for the most common symptoms of low immunity - lethargy, chronic fatigue and susceptibility to infection
  • Receive sample menus, lists of foods, herbs and supplements that are helpful in building a strong immune system
  • Understand the factors that make you more vulnerable to getting sick and receive tools that will help you acquire natural immunity
  • Get specific guidelines for natural therapies and lifestyle practices to increase your immunity and vitality

Contact us above to register your details and we will email you once the new date is announced.


Part 1 – Adults
  • Foundations of optimal immune health during the gold and flu season
    What is COVID 19 and how does it affect us
    Why some people are more vulnerable to viruses and colds/flu
    How the immune system functions
    How to acquire natural immunity
  • The importance of nutrition and home cooking for optimum immunity
    Harness the power of food as medicine
    How to transform your diet with small manageable steps
    Top ten foods for boosted immunity
    Favourite immune boosting recipes
  • Which herbs and spices will strengthen the immunity of an adult
    Herbs with potent antiviral, bacterial and fungal properties
    Best herbs to take this cold and flu season
    How to support your respiratory system with herbs and spices
    The amazing health benefits of ginger and turmeric
  • Supplements with antiviral and immune-boosting properties to help fight off infection
    Why certain nutrients are key in enhancing the immune system
    Safe and effective nutrient based therapies
    Key vitamins and minerals for top immune health
    Antioxidants to help support immune function
  • How to relieve the symptoms of infection using essential oils
    My favourite immune boosting essential oils
    Essential oil activity against viruses, bacteria and fungus
    Antimicrobial properties of essential oils
  • Strategies and biohacks to fortify the body’s immune defences and keep you in optimum health this winter
    5 ways to support your immune system at home
    Biohacks for optimum sleep
    Mindfulness and simple ways to relieve stress in your life
    4 step immune system recovery plan
Part 2 – Children
  • Simple and effective strategies to help build a child’s immunity
    How colds and viruses affect children
    Why a fever is not necessary a bad thing
    Best home remedies for preventing and treating infections
    Mindfulness for Kids
  • Benefits of Vitamin D whilst staying at home
    Why Vitamin D is crucial for the immune system
    How low levels affect children’s health
    How to safely supplement
    Best Vitamin D supplements for kids
  • Natural therapies to support and strengthen your child’s immune system this winter
    Natural antibiotics for the common cold and other viruses
    What herbs and spices will strengthen the child immunity
    Best immunity building spices and how to include them in your cooking
    Essential oil health and immunity benefits
  • How Probiotics optimise your child’s gut and immune health
    How to have a good balance of microbes
    How does leaky gut impact the health of a child
    The role of probiotic supplement
  • Healthy nutrition to bolster your child’s immunity and defend against harmful germs
    Removing inflammatory foods like sugar
    Rainbow foods
    Easy and healthy foods your kids will enjoy
    How to be creative for a fussy eater
    Immune boosting meal plans
    Meal prepping and planning


Amy Down

Certified Nutritionist and Health Coach


Frequently Asked Questions


Does participation in the course give you any vocational rights?

No, we do not grant vocational rights. The online course is of a training nature. It aims to broaden and deepen the knowledge of participants around mindfulness, mind eating and increasing productivity whilst working from home.

What does this online course include?

  • 2 x 1 hour online courses
  • 15 minute live Q&A with Amy Down
  • Access on mobile and desktop
  • Online course recording
  • Certificate of Completion

Will I receive a certificate after completing the online course?

Yes, at the end of the online course, each participant will receive a certificate confirming the participation and completion of Building Better Immunity.

What platform is the online course hosted on?

This online course will be hosted through GoToWebinar, a web-based audio and video platform. We would highly suggest that you use Google Chrome as your preferred browser when using GoToWebinar to avoid any issues (lag, audio, video & connection issues). For software information and tips visit:


Contact us above to register your details and we will email you once the new date is announced.

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